Why We Must Search for More Than Eggs at Easter

Why We Must Search For More Than Eggs at EasterGrowing up, I looked forward to Easter for one reason – the Easter egg hunt.

My mother would dress me in a white suit with a brown shirt, an ensemble that I would never select on my own. I didn’t care because I was single-minded of purpose: find as many eggs as possible.

It was years later that I realized that Easter had anything to do with Jesus. And when I did, I struggled to understand what Jesus being raised from the dead had to do with me. Over the years, what is known as “blood theology” was everywhere I looked. The idea goes something like this: Jesus must die in order for me to be saved and that his resurrection somehow validates that. To be completely honest, I have never been able to understand why Jesus must die for my sins. 

What I do understand is that God loves me and all of humanity, yet we are estranged from Him in ways that cannot be overcome by willpower. Something beyond my own doing is required. I believe that God’s love as expressed in Jesus is what makes it possible for me to know God’s love in this world, that through the life of Jesus and through the mystery of the experience of the resurrected Christ, I am able to know what the love of God means.

I believe that my faith in God as revealed in Jesus makes it possible for me to follow a path that helps me know the joy and love God created for me. This happens only through the grace of God that I experience through the community known as the Church.

Which naturally brings me back to Easter eggs and my white suit. I didn’t have this theological understanding when I was a child, and I fully realize that the way I see it now might change; it might even be wrong. I also don’t expect others to agree with me for us to look for Easter eggs together.

But I do believe that the search together is the glorious journey God has set before us.

Every day at the Church Health Center, I have the privilege of being with people who know that it is only by God’s grace that they can live a life free of pain. I get to help walk that journey with them, and we clearly walk it together.

Today is Easter, and I hope you will take the time to rethink what you truly believe. I hope you are grateful for those you spend each day with who take the journey of life along with you.

Even if we don’t fully understand how the mystery of God’s love works, I am confident that God will find a way to have us experience it in remarkable ways.

Dr. Scott Morris


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