Why the Church Health Center Will Still Be Here

While legislation will continually be revised and will help with some tools for reforming healthcare, in the end, the delivery of care will not be designed by Washington, state capitals, or any central location. In the end, we need to look out for how we look out for our own neighbors locally in each community.  

The bottom line is that any central reform system cannot replace or make the community efforts unnecessary.  

The Church Health Center will be around for a long time in Memphis because we live out of this conviction that true change that results in improved health happens in communities, not in government offices.

As a community of faith, the work of the Church Health Center gives a lens that puts the world in proper focus. That lens is faith in God’s love.

What’s happening in your community? What’s happening in your congregation that will improve the health of the people who worship there and the people whose lives they meet on their daily paths?  

That’s the question we need to ask for healthcare reform: What’s happening, and how can I be part of it?  


What do you think? I'm listening.

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