Resurrection Health

Holy Week reminded us that Jesus suffered in his physical body. Easter week reminds us that God raised Jesus from the dead in his body.

The resurrection was not only spiritual; it was physical. The tomb was empty because the body was no longer dead. Hundreds of people saw Jesus. He spoke to his disciples. He invited Thomas to touch his wounds. He made a fire and cooked breakfast on the beach. He took a walk with Peter for a private conversation. All of this was bodily.

New Testament writers herald that we, too, will experience resurrection at the end of time. We may not know all the details of how the body will be transformed or when exactly this will  happen, but we know that we will have bodies going into eternity with God.

God does not say, “I made a mistake with this body business. Let’s just worry about the spirit.” Over and over, the Bible tells us that God values the body and comes to us in our experience with the body.

Jesus brings life to body-and-spirit. God means for us to cherish the nature of being human in body-and-spirit. Through it all we are connected to God, who calls us to live a life of faith in and through the body, just as Jesus did.

Rather than pushing the body aside in your understanding of what it means to live a full life, embrace it. See from Jesus’ example what it means to be human and intimately connected to God.

Adapted from God, Health and Happiness by G. Scott Morris (Barbour Publishing, 2012).


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